How and why in gods name are you so perfect!


Ahhh thank you xx

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Walk into the club like what up I’m not old enough 

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my blog is a mixture of whatever with a bit of i don’t care and a light shade but it has to look pretty

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somebody please let this man retire 

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» Take it Out on Me

Louis bit his tongue, willing himself to hold back the words he so desperately needed to say. He wanted to tell Harry he needed out. That he didn’t need to go back to that asshole. He didn’t deserve someone even a tenth the man Harry was. Harry deserved to be treated properly. He needed someone who could give him the world; Louis could give him the world. Why couldn’t he love him?
“Wanna fuck my mouth?” Was what came out instead. This was what they did. Louis would be whatever Harry needed, be it an ear to listen, shoulder to cry on, bunching bag or sex doll. He was always there. They were trapped in a never ending cycle of Fight, shout, Make-up and fuck. Only, it was never Louis’ battle being fought.


AU where Harry’s trapped in a controlling, abusive relationship, and Louis helps in the only way he knows he can.

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the face of parenthood

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look at these idiots just sitting around

get jobs

contribute to society

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jessica lange is hotter than me and she’s 64

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